How long is the seminar?

Most of our expert panel discussions are about 60 minutes. Some run longer than others depending on the depth of the topic and the number of panelists. Any remaining time is used to address questions from attendees. We begin promptly at 10am and finish no later than 11:30am.


What if I have questions and can’t make it to the seminar?

Please feel free to contact us concerning questions you may have about downsizing, senior living options, 55+ neighborhoods, or other related topics. If our staff is unable to answer your questions, we will direct you to one of our many subject matter experts who will be happy to assist you.


Is there going to be a sales pitch?

Nope. No sales pitch. You will have an opportunity to get to know the presenters, panelists, and hosts and can decide for yourself if it makes sense to request their services or products. Presenters and speakers may have materials available for you to take home, but it’s up to you to pick them up if you want them.


Can attendees ask questions?

Yes! We want you to get your questions answered. Keep in mind that because we do our homework, many of your questions will likely be answered throughout the prepared panel discussion. If you still have an unanswered question at the end, you will have an opportunity to ask. We do request that if you have a specific question that is personal in nature (i.e. can’t be generalized to the group) that you request a consultation with one of our team members following the event.


Can I attend for business development purposes?

We always welcome service providers and business owners seeking to learn more about serving mature homeowners. If you attend WITH a registered client, there is no fee for you to attend. The fee for business owners and aging services professionals not attending with a client is $25 payable at the door. Do to limited seating, we reserve the right to provide priority seating to non-professionals.


Can I request a topic for the next series?

Absolutely! We want to make the Senior Living Truth Series as meaningful and relevant as possible, so we welcome your suggestions and ideas. Naturally, we prepare the topics for the series well in advance, so be patient concerning timeframes for your suggested topic to hit the calendar.


Can I attend if I’m not a senior?

We welcome anyone who believes the information would be valuable to them. If you are not a senior, but you are seeking information to advise someone who is — or maybe you are planning ahead — please join us.


Why is the event free for seniors and their guests?

The professionals hosting, moderating, sponsoring, and serving as panelists have strong convictions about insuring that people are educated, empowered, and equipped as they prepare for late-life issues, especially where and how they will live. They have donated their time and contributed toward event expenses so that ALL seniors are able to attend regardless of their financial situation.